“About Thoughtful Wanders” Mission & Purpose Brainstorm 2022


Below is a version of “About Thoughtful Wanders” I had written and drawn in June 2022. I had spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted Thoughtful Wanders to be about, before I had really started *doing* it. I’m making this a blog post instead of my formal About page because I want to document the kind of questions and thoughts that have lead up to the creation of this platform and what I am hoping it will be. I’ll check back in a year and see if I’ve been able to create and stay aligned to the questions I ask here. The whole point of this space is for it to be an open-ended adventure and not being able to predict what is to come. Having this as an About page felt a bit limiting even though it provided concrete details to align with. At the end of the day though, I am choosing open-ended adventure. I am going to start “doing” and see where what I create will take me.

thoughtful wanders words drawn on top of a background that has a colorful sun, ocean, beach, and green mountains. children's book illustration style.
My art account on IG is @thoughtfulwanders_studio

Thoughtful Wanders is a creative digital space dedicated to the question – “how do we encounter and process the world beyond and within our selves?” From travel to personal growth, curiosity and [un]learning, Thoughtful Wanders’ mission is to dig deeper and grapple with complexity and nuance, while cultivating awe, compassion, awareness and connection.

Some of the questions driving this space are…


  • …learn about the external world while honoring and nurturing our inner world?
  • …process the external and internal worlds and them feeding into each other?
  • …learn and unlearn while remaining open-minded and compassionate?
  • …grapple with nuance and complexity, and accept the grey-ness and uncertainty of reality while striving for a better world?
  • …gain both self and social awareness?
  • …foster creativity and joy while thinking critically about the world we live in and unlearn constraining systems and norms?
  • …have a sense of awe, wonder, and adventure while living in a reality that oftentimes is filled with hopelessness?
Illustration showing Inner world and Outer world juxtaposition with "Thoughtful Wanders" wavering line in the middle showing that it is something that treads the path of inner and outer world.
An abstract depiction of Thoughtful Wanders

Thoughtful Wanders is an experimental passion project founded and created by Lydia C — a dream that has been manifesting and simmering with abundance and imagination since she was 17 years old (2012!). As a result, she is a one-person team writing, drawing, creating, dreaming and building to turn Thoughtful Wanders into a creative space and studio that offers art, content, and resources that help others on their self-discovery, healing, [un]learning and wander-filled life journey. 

Why “Thoughtful Wanders”?

Thoughtful is an adjective. The definitions are 1) deep in thought 2) showing careful thinking 3) considerate of others. Wanders 1) to move about without a fixed course, aim, or goal 2) to stray in thought.
The definitions behind “thoughtful wanders”

I picked “thoughtful” because it best describes my approach to thinking and reflection. It encompasses being deep in thought to careful thinking to overthinking to thinking in a self-aware away. I picked the term “wanders” because it is general enough to mean wanders in all forms. Wanders is not just about the physical act of wandering (traveling), it also encompasses mental, emotional and spiritual wanderings like growing, learning, and daydreaming.

Some central themes touched on in Thoughtful Wanders include topics from travel, society & culture, identity, critical thought to personal growth, mental health, creativity, spirituality, thoughts & reflections to engaging with the practicalities of living in the world as it exists today.

Thanks for reading! Excited to have you here 🙂

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