About Thoughtful Wanders

Thoughtful Wanders is a space and studio dedicated to the intersection of creativity, [un]learning, personal growth, critical thinking and living. A common thread tying all Thoughtful Wanders content is the question – how does one encounter the world beyond the self? At its essence, Thoughtful Wanders is about inquiring the relationship between one’s inner world with the outer world and vice versa. The ultimate goal is to build towards greater self and social awareness and to expand one’s creativity, curiosity, critical thinking, and compassion.



  • Encounter and process the world? 
  • Learn, unlearn, and grow? 
  • Be more in tune with our inner world while engaging with the outside world? 
  • Gain both self and social awareness to be more compassionate to ourselves and others? 
  • Foster creativity and joy while thinking critically about the world we live in and unlearn constraining systems and norms? 
  • Have a sense of awe, wonder, and adventure while living in a reality that oftentimes is filled with hopelessness?

Why “Thoughtful Wanders”?


I picked “thoughtful” because it best describes my approach to life; it perfectly describes my own tendency to overthink while also trying to live in an intentional and self-aware way.  I picked the term “wanders” for it to refer to wandering beyond just the physical (travel) to also all other forms of wandering; like growing and learning. 

Some central themes touched on in Thoughtful Wanders include topics from travel, society & culture, identity, critical thought to personal growth, mental health, creativity, spirituality, thoughts & reflections to engaging with the practicalities of living in the world as it exists today.

Thoughtful Wanders is an experimental passion project founded and created by Lydia Chu — a dream that has been manifesting and simmering with abundance and imagination since she was 17 years old (2012!). As a result, she is a one-person team writing, drawing, creating, dreaming and building to turn Thoughtful Wanders into a creative space and studio that offers art, content, and resources that help others on their self-discovery, healing, [un]learning and wander-filled life journey. 

Here are the projects currently brewing here @ Thoughtful Wanders –

  • Blog, newsletter, writing
  • Art studio
  • Video – Youtube & Tiktok, Reels
  • (coming soon) Podcast & Interviews